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September 06, 2008


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I read your blog everytime. Good luck tomorrow. You are a star, no matter what!

Parelli Fan


Good Luck tomorrow! There are so many of us cheering for you and we are so proud of you!

Ninie Perlt

Hi Lauren.
That is so cool!
I'd really hoped you'd place in the top to show that Parelli and showing DOES work out together.

You rock!!!

- Ninie Perlt,

Tim Dyrendahl

Lauren great job!! Chris has been keeping us posted on your historic endeavor. We own one of Maile's youngsters. Valenstar. We are so proud of you back here in Colorado! Will you or someone else post video of your SILVER MEDAL ride? Again....congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Gustafson

Hi Lauren
I saw your performace in June at the Madison, Parelli Celebration. I was very inspired by your story. "Why Me" "Why Not Me" My heart goes out to you in all the trials that you have experienced in your life. Sometimes when hard things happen in our lives. And we think why is this happening to me or how devistating our life is now. By you reaching out and sharing your testimony's with people, It can become very positive and inspiring to others. When you talked about your trip to Bejing, China and rubbing the Buddha? Its so clear to see that God has brought you thru all of these hardships, And is still by your side everyday. I hope that this is not offending its just something to think about. I just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing with the Parelli's I so enjoy Pat & Linda and I love using their program (I have used it since 1998) it really works! Keep doing what your doing, Keep strong & well. Best Wishes Nancy Gustafson

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