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September 16, 2008


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Take the time it takes....

I am looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Hopefully you will get well soon.

Nina Taylor


We saw you November 2007 in Ocala, FL and really
admire how you did not give up after your accident. Someone I know needs you!!!

A friend has suffered an accident and lost a leg. She loves dressage but is having difficulty adjusting to her physical changes. Where can she get some guidance on how to continue the sport she loves? She mentioned she
was trying to contact you.

Bev Peters

Hi Lauren!
Thank you for coming to the Celebration in Harrisburg, PA. I was in attendance and was very inspired by you, your tenacity, your spirit, your kindness, your love of your horse, Maile, etc, etc.
Thank you for the sacrifice of coming all that way just for an hour of presentation. You touched us all.
May God continue to bless you. Perhaps we will see each other again.
Bev Peters, level 2 graduate

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