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September 10, 2008


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Congratulations! You are the best. I am so proud of you. I imagine that Magic is smiling all the way in the States.





Lauren How wonderful you have worked so hard and you are such a wonderful talent great partner for Maile Wow.. I am sure it is still sinking inn Congratulations sweetie..


Congratulations, I'm so proud of you. Your such an inspiration for so many people. You and Maile really demonstrate natural horsemanship. Savvy!

Karen Woodbury


Congratulations, You must be so proud of yourself and Maile. You are an inspriation to all. All the best.




You and Maile are amazing. We have watched you grow through the Parelli program and now to have achieved a gold and silver medal is wonderful.




You and Maile are amazing. We have watched you grow through the Parelli program and now to have achieved a gold and silver medal is wonderful.


Karen Simon

YEEHAW and HOORAH!!! You and Maile are such an inspiration! Thank you.

Austen Atkinson

WOW! That is simply wonderful. I knew though, from the strength I saw in your eyes, that you would never give up. All I can say is, you stuck by your principles and you were proven correct. You are a true HERO. I can not wait to congratulate you in person, Lauren.

Very best wishes,

Austen X


I'm SOOOO happy for you, Lauren! The pictures were great, of you getting gold. What a great partnership that you and Maile have, it's so inspiring. Congrats! :)


Lauren, I knew that you'd make it!! I only wish I had found your blog sooner. I have been following your journey through the parelli e-news blurbs for a long time. I saw you for the first time at the savvy confrence in 06 when you rode River through flying changes with Pat's guidance. You are an inspiration to EVERYONE. I was on the ranch at that time for the courses, and couldn't help but admire your playful spirit.
Congratulations. Nobody deserves this more than you.

Patti & Tom (Jacksonville)

We've watched you for 5 yrs now, and are overflowed with "sweet joy & pride" for you! You have truely come into your own beauty, both inside and out!!!

Big Hug...


Congratulations Lauren! You are a true star and and a great ambassador for natural horsemanship. Hope it was filmed and we get to see it soon!

Best wishes to you and Maile - hope your journeys home are smooth.

Dana - Australia

I have been following your progress through the Parelli e-news and I have watched you on you tube and you are a true inspiration. I have been watching the Beijing website to see how you went and I had a fantastic uplifting feeling to see your wonderful results. Congratulations!

Shelley - Rep Ireland

Congratulations. You deserve it, all your hard work and dedication, not to mention the love of the horse.


Hi Lauren,

I've been truly inspired by you from watching your progress in the Parelli news and magazines. I am so overjoyed to see your play come to fruition. You must be over the moon, I cannot imagine how you must feel. I hope your tests were filmed as I for one would love to see them. Maile and you are a superb team.

Best regards Shelley from Scotland

Becky Andrew

Congratulations -Silver and Gold Medals.

My husband and I saw you ride both Magic and River - it was so inspiring. Not a dry eye in the arena! We've been cheering you on all the way. Pat made an announcement Saturday at the 2008 Conference letting us know that Maile had been cleared for competition. Everyone cheered - we were anxious for updates. Posts and emails have been flying back and forth.

You were going for the Gold and earned it. Again our heartfelt congratulations.


Dear Lauren,

I too, saw you ride Magic and River and it has made me a following supporter of you since. You did America, Pat and Linda plus the Parelli method proud!

What level was Maile in Parelli when you started with her?

Savvy Club Member


Way to go Lauren!!! I've been really inspired reading about your story! You are an amazing woman!

laura boyle

Wow! Congratulations Lauren! You've made us here in Canada so proud! They had a tiny blurb on CBC sports..What a great pair you and Maille look together (I wish they showed the whole freestyle...)
I have been in the Parelli program for 1 year and have been following your journey to the Olympics through the Parelli news.
You are truly an inspiration to us all! Savvy on!
Laura in Ontario.

Frances King

I was disappointed that the BBC didn't show the dressage to music in full - only a mere snipet - but you were obviously amazing, so well done. I am just starting the Parelli programme but am ashamed to say I get annoyed and frustrated when things go wrong. I saw Pat and Linda for the first time this year in Birmingham and joined the Savvy Club. I love watching the DVDs, and am practising so hopeful practice will make perfect!

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