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August 28, 2008


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Sarah Hill

Hello Lauren,

Congratulations on your medals.

I have been following you on Parelli e-news. I broke my leg four months ago so have been very interested in you and your horse and what you have been doing together.

Is there a web site or information about how I can access videos of youu performance at the games.

I would love to watch them.

Best wishes,

Sarah Hill
Hazlehurst, Georgia

Joanne Ladouceur

Hi Lauren
I have read your whole story from your accident to your wonderful journey of accomplishing your
dreams. You really have inspired me to work harder at accomplishing more goals with my horse,
She is a rescue horse that I have had since she was just under a year. I love her to death and can't get enough of her. She is the one who makes
me feel wonderfull when nothing else does. She has gotten me through many times and my life and she will always be my heroe. My goal is to give her the best life I can and keep her happy and have fun along the way. We have more fun together
then I can explain. Her name is Pal-o-mine and I have been following alot of the natural horseman ship with the Parrellie as well as other trainer along the way. It feels so good to have that emotional bond with an animal and know they understand your feelings as well. I can't get enough of it. As you can tell I love my horse. I love all animals and try some of the techniques on them as well. Any how Lauren congradulations
on your wonderful journey and I hope I will read about you on other journeys to come. Good job. It sounds like you have learned how to laugh at yourself and turn frustrating things into something funny or postive. Good job again. It would be amazing to watch your video's. What a wonderful thing it would be to meet you someday.
I feel from your story that you would be an amazing person to meet. I live in Ontario Canada as well and am so proud that you represented our

Nice to have met you Lauren

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